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ttb touch

Complete new design for ttb's app.

I was Team Head of UX, managing 16 designers and worked with the various product teams involved.

  • Lead design
  • User research
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design


tmb redesign

Following the merger of TMB Bank with Thanachart, I redesigned our retail app TMB TOUCH to meet the new branding guidelines.

We also introduced a new features like Fast Lane, which is a new start page where the user can directly navigate to most used features.

  • Visual design


atm redesign

Some details on the above image have been obfuscated as the new brand has not been launched yet.

Similar to the TMB TOUCH project, I also redesigned the ATM screens to match the new branding guidelines. I look forward to seeing my work on all ATM machines throughout Thailand.

  • Visual design


tmb biz touch payroll
tmb biz touch ekyc

First image: Payroll. Second image: eKYC

TMB BIZ TOUCH is TMB's app for the SME segment. I have done multiple projects for this app. Most notable are the Payroll and eKYC functionality.

The Payroll feature is a very convenient feature for small business owners with personnel, which enables them to transfer their salaries.

The eKYC feature allows new users to open a new account with the app. Users can simply download the app and start banking!