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Duurzaam Jacht

screenshot van de website van Duurzaam Jacht

In 2016-2018, Sustainable Yacht "Ya" was the first pleasure sailing yacht to sail around the world using only her own sustainable energy sources. Diesel, petrol and gas are left ashore. The ocean-worthy yacht generates all of its own energy. The yacht has also been built in such a way that she uses as little energy as possible. The Ya is equipped with ordinary means, available to everyone, such as solar panels, thermal insulation, wind and water generators, LED lighting and other sustainable solutions.

The yacht is currently on it's second world circumnavigation.

  • Communication advice
  • Design visual identity
  • Design and build website

Duurzaam Jacht website

Schone Golf / Hoefnagels

de 2 logo's Stichting Schone Golf en Hoefnagels

Related to the Duurzaam Jacht project, I designed logo's and business cards for the projects chairman. One for his own company and the other for Stichting de Schone Golf (Clean wave foundation). A foundation which strives for sustainability and started the Duurzaam Jacht project.